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E.A.D, "EXPORT ASSISTANCE & DEVELOPMENT", member of the Monaco Economic Board, is a light, flexible and reactive entity, which aims to facilitate the development of your company on an international scale. We will support and guide you in every step of your project while bringing our recognized expertise in the areas of business development and international projects.


We specialize in the following areas:

  • The audit of your risk management function in relation to your international ambitions.
  • The suggestion and the establishment of solutions to ameliorate your risk management function.
  • The elaboration, the negotiation and establishment of coverage solutions for your international financial risks and credit; may your project concern either investments ("project management" and "project finance" approaches) or a short term export transaction
  • The elaboration, negotiation and establishment of finance, bank credit lines and suppliers.
  • Training programs to the latest analytical techniques and international coverage of financial risks for your team.
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