Overview of the transaction process


EAD begins every assignment by conducting an thorough due diligence process:


We comprehensively review a client's business, strategy, capital structure, financials and other key aspects before formulating a recommendation.


EAD analyses and proposes a solution designed to meet a client's priorities and adresses its short-term and long-term needs, depending upon the project under consideration.


Though extremely well-connected with the main players in international trade-finance and export-credit insurance, EAD does not see itself as a financial firm operating in a static, office-bound way. On the contrary, we strongly believe that export-finance is a field job and that added-value can only come through our close collaboration with our customers.


It is only through a sustainable and transparent partnership that, together, we can achieve success in export markets.


We would like to be seen as part of your team: frequent meetings, joint visits to customers, calls on financial or insurance institutions, missions abroad - all of this can be considered when dealing with EAD.


Contact us

For any questions or appointments, please feel free to contact us by phone or email at :

Phone : +33 633 423571

@ : plecoy@e-a-d-monaco.com



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