International Business Development


E.A.D will help you all the way in the development of your commercial or investment project abroad:


  • General consulting on how to do business in the targeted country or geography: review of all essential aspects, from country-risk analysis to the repatriation of profits and tax implications.
  • Elaboration and implementation of a detailed commercial development strategy in the targeted country or geography.
  • Facilitation of contacts with local key stakeholders: potential distributors and agents, freight forwarders and customs agents, local banks, chartered accountants and law firms.
  • Organisation of investment missions and B2B sessions with potential customers.
  • Presentation of your project to the local governmental organisations for ensuring a positive treatment.
  • Actual creation of local, permanent establishments such as a subsidiary or a joint-venture. Obtaining the necessary business licenses and permits.


E.A.D has been successfully active in the area of business development in the emerging countries for several decades. It has a very comprehensive portfolio of contacts that can be very instrumental and critical to your success in your targeted country or geography. You will save ample time and efforts by deciding to work with E.A.D as your dedicated partner for the success of your project.


E.A.D, while operating on projects globally, is well-known for its capacity to structure and fund development projects in Africa, a continent considered by many as the rising star in terms of business opportunities.

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