Risk Management and Insurance


E.A.D has the capacity to structure and implement the best possible risk-management solutions available from banks and insurers in the following areas:


  • Reduction of export credit-risk via trade-finance instruments provided by banks.
  • Reduction of export credit-risk via the implementation of tailor-made export credit-insurance policies (all types).
  • Elaboration and implementation of risk hedging strategies with selection of the instruments best adapted to your needs: foreign-exchange risk, variable interest-rates, commodities.
  • Optimization and implementation of freight insurance schemes.
  • Detailed risk-mapping of your projects.
  • In-depth due-diligence of your projects with a focus on performance-risk and all of its various aspects.
  • Audit of your risk-management function and processes, identification of areas to be improved or eliminated, implementation of changes and improvements.

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